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Barroso: Nothing ventured…  - 29/06/2009


In these times of economic crisis, Jose Manuel Barroso could worry when he had to present the result of the 5 years he spent at the head of the European Commission. Fortunately for him, the leaders of the 27 European member states appreciated his inaction. They won’t send him add on to dole queues.

A Campaign To Apologize Armenians  - 6/12/2008


Some intellectuals and academicians are getting ready to launch a campaign to apologize Armenians for the denial of the “Great Catastrophe” they were subjected to in 1915.

Turkey Declares Diplomatic War On France on Armenian Genocide Law  - 18/05/2006


The Turkish government gets embroiled in diplomatic conflicts every time that a country acknowledges the Armenian Genocide. However, what happened this month is extraordinary even by Turkish standards. Ankara simultaneously recalled its ambassadors from France and Canada to express its displeasure at these countries’ stands on the Armenian issue.

The confrontation with Paris has much more serious repercussions as Turkey is caught between needing France’s support to join the European Union and going on an all-out offensive attempting to stop the French Parliament from adopting a law on May 18 that would make the denial of the Armenian Genocide a criminal offense.

Towards a Democratisation strategy  - 14/06/2005


The current EU political crisis provoked by the French and Dutch " Noes " and by the resulting failure of the process of ratification of the European Constitution, in fact originates in the complete failure of more than 10 years of communication on the European project.

For many years, Europe 2020 has been analysing the fundamental weaknesses of both national and European communication policies in this field. In April 2005 already, Europe 2020 launched the idea of the " D for Democratisation " strategy, following a term used by Franck Biancheri, Director of Research and Strategy, in an article published on May 10th in Newropeans-Magazine : "" Yes or No to the referendum: the " D strategy " starts anyway on June 1st ".

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