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Minority report in Turkey   1/08/2005

Turkey's Protestants Face Rising Opposition

In the last six months, Protestant congregations in at least five cities in Turkey have faced threats or attacks while the media and government ministers have been openly critical of Christian missionary activities in the country.

The most recent incident, according to a May 19 Compass Direct report, happened on May 18 when Wolfgang Hade woke to find a red swastika painted on his door and a hate note shoved underneath.  Hade is a German citizen married to a Turkish Christian and pastors a small congregation in Izmit.  The note accused Hade of being used to undermine Turkish values.  The church building has been targeted on several occasions since last Christmas.

source : http://www.persecution.net/
May 25,2005


Update: Trial to Resume in Beating of Turkish Christian

 The Orhangazi Criminal Court has set July 8 as the date to assess the latest medical reports on Yakup Cindilli, a Christian who was severely beaten in October 2003 as he was distributing New Testaments.  After two months in a coma, Cindilli has been slowly recovering.  In March 2004, medical examiners said they would need to wait fifteen months to determine how much permanent injury Cindilli was suffering.  The judge ordered the additional tests, to be presented this week.

Cindilli's parents are strict Muslims and had refused any contact with Christians.  However, since January they have allowed members of the Bursa Protestant Church to take their son for physical therapy, which has helped significantly.  Pastor Ismail Kulakcioglu told Compass Direct that his right arm is still affected and he is not entirely back to normal psychologically, although he can now speak clearly and express his opinions.  He is able to do some light physical work.

Three members of the militant Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are accused of assaulting Cindilli.  Family members are hoping that the case will now be able to be concluded.  Despite pressures from his family to renounce his faith, a member of the Bursa church reported that, "Yakup is very committed to stay faithful to Jesus, in spite of what happened."

 source : http://www.persecution.net/
July 6, 2005



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