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Anger Is No Policy  - 8/01/2011


The expectations were raised too high for the passage of H.Res.252 about the Armenian Genocide during the last days of 111th Congress, therefore the failure of its passage proved to be equally anticlimactic, certainly disappointing large segments of the American-Armenian community.

Israel Lobby Discovers a Genocide  - 29/06/2010


Some of the most powerful leaders in the American Jewish community have stepped forward in recent days to acknowledge the 1915 Armenian Genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turkey.

On the surface, this would seem unremarkable. As victims of the Holocaust, Jews might be expected to stand beside the Armenians and their tragedy. After all, the massacres and death marches across Anatolia during the fog of World War I became a model for Hitler himself.

Protocols: Agitation Is Not Action  - 20/11/2009


Since the month of August 2009, Armenians, in the diaspora as well as in Armenia, have been preoccupied by what is called generally “the Protocols,” that is to say, the announcement followed by the signature of protocols on the diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey that took place in Zurich on October 10. There has been considerable agitation by certain people, based, it appears to me, mainly on speculations rather than on facts or certainty.

Turks’ Apology for Armenian Genocide  - 16/12/2008


The Armenian Genocide issue has been attracting ever-growing attention despite the Turkish government’s persistent attempts to suppress its discussion at home and recognition abroad.

Turks Could Gain More Than Armenians...  - 20/12/2007


Hundreds of newspapers, internet sites, wire services, and radio and TV programs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, France and many other countries had a field day with my column, "Armenians Demand Justice, not Recognition."

Here are some of the headlines that appeared in the Turkish media last week: “Prominent Armenian Journalist: ‘Our Goal is Compensation and Land from Turkey,’” (Hurriyet); “Sassounian: ‘Our Aim is to Get Land from Turkey,’” (The New Anatolian); “Time is not on Armenia’s Side,” (Turkish Daily News); “Armenians Seek Land and Compensation,” (Aksam); and “Call for Armenian Strategy,” (Radikal).

Genocide Deniers are Falling one by one  - 30/08/2007


For too many years, Abraham Foxman and ADL’s leaders have gone far beyond their organization’s noble mandate of stopping “the defamation of the Jewish people,” by meddling in international politics. The ADL had apparently appointed itself the guardian of Israel’s strategic interests and the well being of Jews everywhere, particularly those in Turkey. Ironically, while constantly singing the praises of Turkish tolerance towards minorities, the ADL kept expressing serious concerns over the safety of the few Jews remaining in that country

Demand for ADL Director’s Resignation  - 23/08/2007


For many years, Armenian-Americans have been frustrated and angered by the fact that a small number of influential Jewish-American organizations have been undermining congressional efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide by providing political support to the Turkish denialist campaign.

At the same time, the Armenian community has been pleased that many Jewish groups, scholars and even some Israeli officials, contrary to their government’s policy of appeasing Turkish denialism, have taken a principled stand on this issue by not succumbing to Turkey’s blackmail.

Rabbi of Armenia Castigates Rabbi of Azerbaijan  - 21/06/2007


At the request of the Turkish government, the Chief Rabbi of Turkey and Jewish leaders in Istanbul periodically make public statements against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international community. Turkish officials make similar anti-Armenian demands from American-Jewish organizations during their frequent visits to the United States.

Genocide Continues: Turkish Leaders Are Responsible for Dink’s Murder  - 23/01/2007


The cold-blooded murder in Istanbul of Hrant Dink, the editor of the bilingual Armenian/Turkish Agos newspaper, has been condemned by leading officials and prominent individuals throughout the world.

Turkish leaders who reviled and mistreated him and took him to court repeatedly on trumped up charges of "Insulting Turkishness" are now expressing their "sincerest" condolences to his family. These are crocodile tears. Alarmed by the massive outpouring of sympathy for the 52-year-old murdered Armenian editor, these Turkish officials are simply engaged in damage control. Seeing that Turkey stands to lose a great deal from a political assassination that was carried out in broad daylight, with Dink’s body lying on the cold pavement for hours shown on worldwide TV screens, and realizing the devastating effect this would have on their country's tarnished reputation, they have decided to unleash a charm offensive, becoming overnight great admirers of Hrant Dink and staunch defenders of freedom of expression and minority rights! Who are they fooling?

U.S. Study of Armenian-American Community (3)  - 14/12/2006


We present this week the third and final segment of the internal study prepared by the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan on the Armenian-American community. The study points out the significance of the community in terms of its influence on Armenia and U.S.-Armenia relations. The study divides the community into seven clusters. The remaining four clusters are presented below:

U.S. Embassy Releases Study On Armenian-Americans (2)  - 7/12/2006


According to the Study, "the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) is a worldwide organization that reports affiliates in over 200 countries including a strong presence in the United States. The ARF is widely known by its nickname ‘Dashnaksutyun.’ …Active since 1890, the organization is the most politically oriented of the Armenian Diaspora groups around the world and has traditionally been one of the most vocal supporters of Armenian nationalism. …The ARF’s U.S.-based political advocacy arm is the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). ANCA is the principal political spokesperson for ARF policies in the United States."

US Government’s "Sensitive" Study (1)  - 30/11/2006


The U.S. government recently made public a fascinating internal study on the Armenian-American community. The study, prepared in June of 2004 by the American Embassy in Yerevan, carries the following classification: "Sensitive – Please Treat Accordingly." It is titled, "Deciphering the Armenian-American Diaspora," and was recently released by the Department of State at the request of the Armenian National Committee of America, under the Freedom of Information Act.

Letter of Genocide Scholars to PM Erdogan  - 6/04/2005


We want to underscore that it is not just Armenians who are affirming the Armenian Genocide but it is hundreds of independent scholars, who have no affiliations with governments, and whose work spans many countries and nationalities and the course of decades.

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